It’s not very elegant to talk about yourself says my grandma

But anyway… about us.

We think that our lives, and in particular our habitats, should be full of pieces  that resonate with us, suggest personal memories, provoke us, yet provide satisfaction. To facilitate the acquisition of artworks that will aid you in your search for your particular needs and happiness, we like to display artworks in situations that are suggestive and yet make total sense. No to the white walls and the fluorescent floodlights. Oui oui to the imperfect, to the dark corners, candlesticks, rickety chairs, and rich drapes. FLETCHER is a platform that team FLETCHER feeds regularly, sharing upcoming events, exhibitions, collaborations, and ideas in the ARTS that makes our hearts beat that little bit faster…

So, in addition to our online feed here, that you see right now, there will be exhibitions on the agenda - of course! In fact, there are already.

 And do feel free to get in touch! 

Sarah Fletcher / Founder
Kelly Barber / Brand Identity
Richard Cooper / Design + Website
Nina Young / Copy Writer