James Fletcher McCullough

James Fletcher McCullough



James Fletcher McCullough is an abstract painter from Melbourne, Australia. Painting mainly from his studio based in Brunswick East, James’s work delves into his playful yet serious psyche. Taking inspiration from his environments, James celebrates the notion of naivety in painting. 2017 saw James a solo exhibition at ‘No one special’ gallery in Brunswick East. This solo show successfully gained James international recognition with the offer of a group show and month-long residency in Copenhagen held at ‘CGK Gallery’. During his time in Copenhagen, James further secured a solo show titled ‘Therapeutic Values’ held in Melbourne’s independently ran ‘Offsite Gallery’ during March 2018.Shortly after the opening on his second solo show, James secured another residence in Suffolk, United Kingdom with ‘Asylum Studios’ for the duration of April 2018.

10 pieces, 14 grams, 1845cm x 1845cm, Oil and Oxide on canvas

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  Therapeutic Values  1845cm x 1845cm, Oil, Oxide and Gum on canvas, 2018

Therapeutic Values 1845cm x 1845cm, Oil, Oxide and Gum on canvas, 2018

  Untitled  Oil and oxide on canvas, 150cm x 200cm, 2018

Untitled Oil and oxide on canvas, 150cm x 200cm, 2018