It’s Spring Fever

It’s Spring Fever

“It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want—oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!” 
— Mark Twain

Christopher Köller

‘I took this image on a $2 throw away camera… then I took it elsewhere…’

Christopher Köller  Isola la Bella

Christopher Köller
Isola la Bella

“Our Memories are as much imagination and longing as they are actual experiences.”
— Christopher Köller

Decius and Titus

The Interpretation of the the victim for Decius Mus

The Interpretation of the the victim for Decius Mus

‘The life of Decius Mus’ tapestry series depicts Decius Mus and Titus Manlius leading the Roman Armies against the Latins at Capua (340-338 BC)

Both consuls had a dream in which a giant predicted that the leader of the one people and the army of the other would be sacrificed to the underworld.

Consequently, one of the two leaders of the Roman Army had to be prepared to lay down his life should the army of the adversary suffer defeat. This story was portrayed as an example of patriotism

Late 17th century / early 18th century, after a cartoon by Peter Paul Rubens.
Graham Geddes. High St Armadale. Website

There is a word…


There is a word in Japanese. Ma. It means sense of Place. 

Mark Howson

Road to the black hills 2018 107 x 92 cm

Road to the black hills 2018
107 x 92 cm

Kyneton to Kyoto

In light of recent travels, Mark Howson’s new exhibition, entitled Kyneton to Kyoto, celebrates the striking landscape of Japan. The shift from the rural Victorian setting of Kyneton, which featured in the artist’s 2017 show North of the Divide, is a seemingly natural one for Howson, whose ability to pare back a scene to stunning effect is closely aligned with the Japanese aesthetic tendency towards purity. Indeed there is a Japanese word, yohaku-no-bi, which translates directly as “the beauty of blank space.” Perhaps this principle, most obvious in the traditional Japanese Zen gardens, such as those of Ryoan-ji in Kyoto, can be aptly applied to the vision of a Kyneton farm, stretching out into the distance, limitless and unadorned. Moreover, Howson’s work rejoices in the Zen: hitting the high notes of Cherry Blossom hues, and creating space with an economy of line and perfect placement. One may be forgiven for thinking all that lay between Kyneton and Kyoto were a hop, skip and a pebble.

Mark Howson’s new show, Kyneton to Koyoto is exhibiting at Graham Geddes Antiques, Armadale. Come say hi Sat 19 Oct 11-3pm or contact us here for a private viewing

Mark Howson

Graham Geddes Antiques 
877 High St, Armadale

OPEN to the public
Sat 19 Oct 11AM-3pm



Her pastels are a curious mix of clay, girlish innocence and saccharine sensuality.

She altered her hyphenated name, an exhibited and signed her name Cabrae-Stewart, as countless woman artists had done to ‘protect’ their sex from a judgmental public.

Leonard Joel,
Wednesday October 10th
333 Malvern Road
South Yarra, 3141
An Auction worthy to curtsey for..
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Janet Cumbrae-Stewart 1883-1960  Blue Drape 1919  Pastel on paper 53.5 x36

Janet Cumbrae-Stewart 1883-1960
Blue Drape 1919
Pastel on paper 53.5 x36



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